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The Community Marketing System

“How To Become The Dominant Agent
In Your Community”

Suck All The Leads Out Of Your Area Before Any Other Agents Know What’s Happening!


This program will help you accelerate your production and stuff your pipeline full of quality prospects, listings and pendings in only 6 weeks!

You Will Discover:

  • How to create and maintain a powerful mindset to stay at the top of your game.
  • The best lead generation methods to create cash now!
  • How to get leads out of your CRM and signing contracts.
  • How to spark deals and referrals from your database with no rejection.
  • Improve you phone skills to become fabulous on the phone and capture leads and appointments faster.
  • Perfecting your listing presentation to close 98.2% of your appointments.
  • Perfecting your buyer process to sell them within 2-3 weeks or faster.

The Program Includes:

  • 2 part CD Debbie walks you through the 45 day cash machine system.
  • 6 weekly teleconference group training calls Debbie takes you through it piece by piece.
  • A new study guide will be sent to you each week.
  • Debbie’s 89+ pages scripts matching audio.
  • Debbie’s 4 part Perfecting Your Listing Process video series.

Plus a bonus: A weekly Ask The Coach Session where you can ask one of Debbie’s senior coaches and cash machine expert, Gus Alba, any question you need to ask to help you achieve results even faster!


If you are a salesperson that has always wondered how it is that some people are able to make 10x what other salespeople are able to make, then this book will give you the insider’s secrets used by these elite professionals.

Debbie De Grote began her sales career by accident at the age of 18, while still in her senior year of high school. An acquaintance to her parents was a Real Estate Broker that needed assistance in their office. Needing funds to pay for college, she decided to start selling real estate. She thought real estate would be a good way to fund her education. Once she started selling homes though, it was all over. She fell in love with sales and never made it to college. She chose to make “the art of selling” her life.


Words Matter.

Many of my clients, who work luxury and higher end markets, find that these other “free” scripts are very rough, blunt and unpolished. Scripts they would never actually use with a customer whose business they were trying to get.

These scripts that are now available to you have polish. They have persuasion. They’re very practical. They give you the words that allow you to speak to your potential client with logic and reason.

These scripts were designed to be question based so that you’re not doing all the heavy lifting but you’re truly interacting and consulting with that customer.

You’ll find the audio files (in MP3 format) so that you can listen while you’re working out at the gym or driving to your next appointment. You’ll find over 2.5 hours of professionally recorded scripts with the Script book.

The audio is even broken into tracks so that you can choose what track to listen to on any given day.

As an example, if you are on your way to an appointment with someone whose listing has just expired, you’ll be able to get the exact words to use for that appointment. Having the right words to use at the right time will put you in a position to get the listing that you are competing for.


Once Upon A Time . . .

Forward thinking real estate professionals dreamt of the day that their individual real estate sales career could be converted into a bonafide real estate business. One employing highly organized systems, services, and team-orientated associates that would lead to income and profits that far exceeded what they could accomplish individually.

Perhaps you have had this dream as well?

Given how many real estate teams or groups are presently thriving, it is clear that the future of real estate teams will not be denied, discouraged, disrupted, or eliminated.

Rather, future real estate teams will become even more prominent, prodigious, and professional.

Not because I say so, but because thousands of highly functioning, profitable, and powerful real estate teams and groups are demanding such.


The Real Estate Agents Guide To Hiring, Training and Retaining Top Talent is for any real estate agent who is ready to hire administrative help and or build their team.

​This comprehensive book will stay on your desk as a powerful resource for years to come!

It includes everything from, ad, job descriptions, hiring, firing best practices and even tips on how to be a great boss.

It contains additional tips and strategies from top coaches to some of the most elite agents across North America.

It will save you from making costly hiring mistakes and fast track the growth of your business.​ If you buy only one book this year, this should be it!​

Performance Plus

Complete one-on-one coaching for agents looking to explode their results fast.

Performance Plus Program Benefits


One-on-one coaching for agents looking to explode their results fast.

Performance Program Benefits

Master's Program

One-on-one coaching for agents looking for abbreviated sessions.

Master's Program Benefits

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